Weekly Report #5

Hey everyone! Here is my weekly report for this week! This week has been a bit odd as my bloods have been all over the place. The first half of the week was fine with lots of sugar readings of in the 6-8 range. However come Thursday, my sugars shot up to 22 around lunchtime for no reason, and again every day since. I have been taking the same insulin, eating the same foods. The only difference is that I had a little bit of an eye infection so I am wondering if it was that.

I managed to get them down, though I was a little too enthusiastic with my correctional insulin on Thursday and had a nasty hypo of 2.9. Things have been yo-yoing again since.

Besides that, I did see a diabetes doctor last week and he said he was very pleased at my control now. So that’s a great thing! He said that my sugars have ‘significantly improved’ and that my next hba1c should reflect that. I think I just feel a bit put off that my sugars have started reading super high again in the last couple of days.

Tomorrow I have a LTC appointment so I am assuming I need to take my readings there as well, so we’ll see what they say. And after that, I have an appointment with the diabetologist on the 20th July. No rest for the diabetic!

One good thing I did this week was I decided to cut out bread, cheese and biscuits. The only exceptions were cheese as part of a evening meal (e.g. on some sort of sauce) and biscuits for hypos if I needed them. Well, I immediately dropped a small amount of weight and so I’m hoping that I can continue this.

I had an appointment at the GIC last week too. The therapist said I should ask about getting off amitriptyline as it is obviously causing me metabolism problems and not helping weight loss. So I have an appointment for that next week too!

So yeah, that’s about it for this week!

Current Stats:

Weight: 104.9kg (↓)
Exercise: 10’467 steps (according to Pacer app)
HbA1C: 8.9%
Hypos: 2
Highs: 3
Mood: Mentally okay, physically I had a few problems this last week
Diet: None
Medication: Metformin x 1000mg, Carbimazole x 5mg, Amitriptyline x 30mg, Venlafaxine x 37.5mg, Vensir XL x 150mg


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