Weekly Report #4

Hey guys, this is a bit of a late update but I wanted to get it done anyways. The last 4-5 days or so my sugars have been pretty bad. I don’t know what happened, I just had this sudden depression (with having BPD I have a lot of mood swings) which made it hard to care about anything, let alone my health. Also on Tuesday I had a diabetic review and set out a bit later than I had planned. I ended up rushing and doing something to my ankle which was in agony and couldn’t really move or do stuff for a few days after that.

But here I am, another day and I need to remember to take one day at a time. I know the depression will lift eventually, I’ll then feel better for a while. I’m extremely tired too, but that’s partially because we laid down a new floor on Saturday and I helped as much as I could. It did a number on my muscles though.

I forgot to log my blood sugars on Friday and Saturday too, but thankfully the nurse fixed my meter so it actually displays the correct time and date now, so I can always log later. A bad thing is that the printer stopped working and so I don’t know how I’m gonna print out the log sheets I’ve been using – hopefully I can fix it.

My diet has been awful this week and I am sorry to admit that we had takeaway on Saturday night – but that literally seemed like the only option at the time with doing the floor and no space to cook.

For dinners I’ve mainly been having salads and meat, it’s lunch and breakfast where I get lazy. I’ve been eating oatmeal every morning for like a month, it’s quick and easy and keeps me full, but it’s full of carbs. Lunch I should be making something decent but of course I end up forgetting and then eating sandwiches or whatever.

The worst part is that my ultimate weakness is biscuits, I can eat an entire pack if I am given the chance. My flatmate constantly buys and replenishes biscuits, and often brings home cakes and the like. I try to resist but lately I’ve been eating so many! So my weight has now crept up again.

I’m gonna ask the doctor about if I can get off amitriptyline though, I have a strong suspicion it’s just making me heavier and sleepier.

The diabetes doctor also said that my pain most likely IS neuropathy so… that’s a thing. Great, huh? I guess maybe it was that which sent me into depression. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to pin point what sets my moods off, because BPD kinda scrambles things a lot.

Anyways, my next diabetes-related appointment isn’t until the 20th July, though I also have a LTC appointment on the 3rd. So many appointments, I’m so exhausted. Hopefully this fight will get a little easier.

Current Stats:

Weight: 107.3kg (↑)
Exercise: 5,356 steps (according to Pacer app)
HbA1C: 8.9%
Hypos: 0
Highs: 1 (16.1)
Mood: Struggling with mental health
Diet: None
Medication: Metformin x 1000mg, Carbimazole x 5mg, Amitriptyline x 30mg, Venlafaxine x 37.5mg, Vensir XL x 150mg


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