Weekly Report #3

Time for another weekly report! This last week I really put in a huge effort to monitor my blood glucose, as well as doing my absolute best to take the correct dose of insulin at the right time. My lantus was down to 26 and I only had ONE hypo – due to me bolusing a bit too much for some ice cream (hey, it was REALLY hot yesterday!)

Food-wise I’ve mostly been eating salads, stews and low carb, though I did have a baguette when I was out at the hospital on Wednesday – which even though I bolused for, it sent my bloods up to 15! Oops! And that’s a thing, I need to get used to the fact that even though 15 has long been a ‘normal’ or even ‘good’ blood glucose for me (as in I didn’t feel sick or anything), it is most certainly NOT good. In fact I remember the days where I would get to about 8.0 and think ‘wow my BG is low I should eat something before bed’; I used to get hypo symptoms around 5-6mmol/L, which is… scary. Probably a long time of mistreating my diabetes and not fully understanding the full impact of my actions.

But I’m learning. I’m learning that now I’m in a normal-ish range, I don’t feel good when my BG is 15, or even above 12. I get tired, irritable and anxious. I bet a lot of my mental health symptoms could actually be explained away by my glucose rising and dropping. And I guess since my lantus was at 32, I’ve been fighting a never ending battle to get my BGs level, when my basal was pulling it down, ending in many hypos and just as many highs.

I did not do a lot of exercise this week, partly due to me feeling a bit sick and also because of heat (as well as general fatigue). I need to start forcing myself though! My weigh is not going down at all, no matter what I eat and so it’s either a) my lack of exercise or b) the unfortunate fact that I have to take amitriptyline for my pain. I REALLY want to cut out anything that is stopping me lose weight, but even a few days off amitriptyline causes bad pains and insomnia. But I need to lose a few stone, especially before my operation (double mastectomy).

Current Stats:

Weight: 105.9kg (↑)
Exercise: 5,533 steps (according to Pacer app)
HbA1C: 8.9%
Hypos: 1 (4.2)
Highs: 1 (15.6)
Mood: Anxious but otherwise okay!
Diet: Low carb
Medication: Metformin x 1000mg, Carbimazole x 5mg, Amitriptyline x 30mg, Venlafaxine x 37.5mg, Vensir XL x 150mg


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