An Interesting Week!

Good news!! This week is the first week I remember where I’ve had a day that was entirely under 10mmol/L!!!


I know that doesn’t seem like much of an achievement, but for ME, it is! My blood glucose are regularly higher than 10, usually around the 12-18 mark so this is a huge step for me! One step at a time!

So how do I feel? I know now that I can achieve ‘normal’ blood glucose levels and it’s literally just a need for me to keep a closer eye on the carbs I eat. I did have a bit of a panic this morning though where I had already taken my 5 units of humalog for my 50g of oats, only to discover that I was out of sweetener! I can’t stand oats without any flavouring, so I used a tablespoon of honey and bolused a bit extra for that. I’m a bit anxious to see what it’s done to my levels and will check soon!

I’ve also been eating at the same times every day, I feel it’s helped a LOT with my levels, and I haven’t had a single hypo all week! Considering I had 4 last week, that’s also a big difference! I’ve been logging consistently, always remembering my insulin and I’m feeling a bit more in control of my diabetes! I have a diabetic review on Tuesday 20th so I’m making sure I have everything logged before then too.

So yeah! Doing better this week! Thank you to my diabetes nurse for giving me the inspiration to do this, I’m feeling more confident with things and I hope it can carry on like this!


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