Weekly Report #2

A bit later than planned but here is the second one of my weekly reports!

This week I focused more on my blood glucose logging than my actual diet, though the two came hand in hand a lot. The first few days of the week I found myself to have enough energy to get quite a bit of artwork and housework done but this quickly fizzled out by Wednesday. Thursday night I attended a college event with my partner Charlie, and that seemed to trigger a whole host of unpleasant pain and numbness. I have spent the last two days trying to recover from this, not idea.

My blood glucose has been yo-yoing like crazy this week, no thanks to all the bad food I’ve been eating. I’m going to try and get back on track this week, I’ve found that planning meals ahead is essential. Exercise-wise, I did better than I planned. I managed to walk around quite a bit and now although I’m paying for it with the pain and aching, I at least managed it at the time. As you can see, my weight has actually gone up a little, I strongly feel that this is because of amitriptyline. I’ve gained quite a bit since I went on it, but it is the only drug that seems to help my pain enough that I can sleep at night.

I have been researching a bit though, and found people recommending both B12 and B1 vitamin supplements, so I may look into this some more. I’d be glad to get off of amitriptyline, as I also believe it’s what is contributing to my exhaustion.

Diabetes Nurse June 9th

On Friday I had a check-up with the diabetes nurse. It seems I was actually discharged from diabetes care without knowing about it… It’s most likely because I could not attend the DAFNE course on two seperate incidents due to money and mental health problems. So it’s understandable! And of course being so ill I didn’t even think why they weren’t seeing me!

Anyways she took a look at my diary and thinks that my lantus dose (32mmol) is way too high and it’s what is sending me low most nights and afternoons. Therefore, she told me to reduce it to 26mmol and to up my morning insulin with my breakfast to 6-7mmol, instead of about 4 which should help the spike I’d been getting afterwards.

She was incredibly easy to talk to and very nice – something I’d never experienced before! She also gave me her number and her email and told me to email her my bg results a week later to see how the lantus is affecting stuff.

She also agreed that my pain and aches do sound like neuropathy, and that I should be referred to a neurologist through the hospital – which I have now be re-referred to.

Next week is my LTC appointment too, as well as the psychiatrist so I’m hoping they go okay as well!!

All in all, not the worst week, but not the best either! At least I finally saw someone about my bloods!

Current Stats:

Weight: 105.7kg (↑)
Exercise: 16,217 steps (according to Pacer app)
HbA1C: 8.9%
Hypos: 5
Hypers: 5
Mood: Mainly depressed, low energy
Diet: Trying LCHF, gone off the rails a lot this
Medication: Metformin x 1000mg, Carbimazole x 5mg, Amitriptyline x 30mg, Venlafaxine x 37.5mg, Vensir XL x 150mg


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