Weekly Report #1

Hey guys! I’m gonna try and update this at least weekly with what’s currently going on in my life. This is entry number one of (hopefully) many!

So recently I’ve been in a really bad depression slump. I’m not even sure why but alongside it I’ve had a drawn out cold which just wouldn’t shift, or allow me to sleep. it seems to have gone for now, and I feel a lot better physically than I have the past week. My blood glucoses are still skyrocketing of course, this is early days for me getting back to control.

I hope that by sharing stuff on here, I can become more motivated to keep stuff up, I could even post my weekly logs and stuff here! This week I actually was supposed to have an appointment with my diabetes nurse on Friday but I felt too drained from my cold to go out and so I cancelled it and rearranged it. It’s now in two weeks so that at least gives me some time to record things some more and hopefully get some averages and patterns going.

I’m probably going to post this ‘report’ every Friday from now on, to have something to look back to, as well as other posts regarding any special events!

So yeah just a quick one for today!

Current Stats:

Weight: 105kg
HbA1C: 8.9%
Mood: Mainly depressed, low energy
Diet: Trying LCHF, gone off the rails a lot this week


MyFitnessPal Profile

My SugarStats Profile


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