Health Problems – Gotta Catch ’em All!

Hey guys, this is just a post for the curious among you who are wondering what exactly is ‘wrong’ with me. I mention that I am mentally ill and disabled, and I know those terms are vague. As I am trying to be pretty much open on this blog, I’ve listed below the health conditions that I’ve been diagnosed with.

Don’t take this as a ‘I’m more special than you because I have xyz’, it’s simply a reference to my illnesses and treatments for both myself and you, if you’re curious.

Last updated: 27th May 2017

Physical Health:

Diabetes type 1 – Diagnosed 18th November 2002
Treatment: Insulin injections (humalog and lantus), metformin, diet

Grave’s Disease – Diagnosed 4th April 2003
Treatment: Carbimazole

Temporomandibular Disorder – Diagnosed 26th November 2015
Treatment: Mouth guard

Fibromyalgia* – (Finally) Diagnosed 28th February 2016 after 6 years of increasing pain
*I am suspecting this is actually diabetic neuropathy (under investigation)
Treatment: Amitriptyline, rest, massage, walking stick

Mental Health:

Severe depression and anxiety – Diagnosed 2004
Gender Identity Disorder* – Diagnosed 14th March 2005
Seasonal Affective Disorder – Diagnosed 12th October 2012
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – Diagnosed 12th October 2012
Personality Disorder (Later revealed to be BPD) – Diagnosed 18th June 2015
Social Phobia – Diagnosed 16th November 2015
Borderline Personality Disorder – 5th September 2016

* I personally do not consider being transgender a mental health problem, but to many medical professionals it is. I have added it here to make things a bit neater, as well as to record my personal diagnosis date (so I can celebrate my transiversary!)

Current Treatments: Venlafaxine, Therapy light, Testosterone injections, Ongoing therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)


Transgender: I am currently undergoing hormone therapy to ‘treat’ this – expecting my double masectomy in 2018 with Dr. Yelland.

Eating disorder: I have an over-eating disorder, most likely linked to my diabetes and mental health. I am hoping as they improve, this also does.


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